Piles Treatment - How To Treat And Prevent Hemorrhoids

Bleeding piles or hemorrhoids can be terrifying if not treated properly. Piles, which develop due to the inflammation of the rectal and anal veins, cause enough discomfort and pain to the sufferer while defecating. Internal inflammation does not result in much pain but is usually accompanied by bleeding. Bleeding is generally absent in the external piles that develop around the anus. People suffering from piles should be conscious from the very beginning, when little blood spots appear with stool. Negligence leads to severe complications. Very few are aware of the effectiveness of the natural remedies in curing bleeding piles. Proper diagnosis of the bleeding piles must be done by an expert before starting any treatment.

One thing that you should definitely do once you learn that you have hemorrhoids is not to ignore it. Ignoring the piles will not make it go away. Instead it will only make the condition worse. You really need to find suitable piles remedies as soon as possible.


Laser or Infrared Coagulation - These days this is a rare process. The basic idea behind it is to blast the pile with a laser beam which destroys the pile.

Many people develop piles problems. It's about 1 in every 2 by the age of 50. While things like being in better shape do help prevent piles as well as eating certain foods, health isn't an indication of the potential here of piles. For example, you may have a job that requires lifting. This heavy lifting can be a cause of piles. You have to be in decent shape to even do a job like that. Genetics can also come into play as a cause of piles even in relatively healthy people.

High fiber diet - Piles are irritated every day during a bowl movement. If you increase your daily fiber with all natural foods like leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole grain cereals you will soften your stools and reduce the straining during a bowel movement. This will help speed up the time it takes to heal your piles fast.



For this, medications like patch, suppository, creams or ointments may do the trick instead. These topical products usually contain analgesics, local anesthetics or steroids, or combinations of them. They are mostly used for alleviating the pain and itching.

In order to find a natural cure for piles it is important for you to know exactly what they are. Simply put, piles or hemorrhoids are blood vessels that have been enlarged near your anus. They can be very uncomfortable and can hurt when you do regular activities as well as have a bowel movement.

Piles remedies may also range between watching your weight and having a great diet. You should only eat foods rich in fiber to avoid diarrhea and constipation. If your bowel movement is in an ideal condition, you are not likely to get piles or hemorrhoids. Always keep in mind to drink lots of water. The ideal amount of water intake should be no less than eight glasses a day. This will ensure that you are properly hydrated all the time.

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